Summit 2016: Vendor Tutorials, April 26th

We are pleased to announce two one hour tutorials offered April 26th during the conference, open to all SoCal Flow SUMMIT 2015 registrants.

Flow CSI
Presenter: Jolene Bradford, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Have you ever been confused when reviewing your flow cytometry results, and wonder what happened? From fluorescence basics to sample prep, instrument set up to data analysis, there are many things to consider. This workshop will use real examples to illustrate some common issues seen in flow cytometry experiments, presenting several case studies where the data just doesn’t look right. We will focus on understanding root cause, and figuring out alternative approaches for the next experiment. Examples of what data looks like when things go wrong, and hints for preventing those same problems will be discussed. Following the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes we will use observation, deductive reasoning, and scientific method to solve these flow mysteries. Tips and tricks to optimize your flow cytometry experiments will also be discussed. We will use on-line tools you have available, such as Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence and the Fluorescence Spectra Viewer to help guide our investigations. Whether you are new to flow or an expert mentoring others, this workshop will help develop your troubleshooting acumen. Help us solve several Flow CSI case studies, and separate FACS from fiction.

Attend the Thermo Fisher Scientific Flow CSI tutorial and be eligible to win a $500 flow cytometry reagent credit & gift bag containing fun promotional items!

Build Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Panels FAST
Presenter: Andrew Beernik,

This seminar will take you through the three steps of building a panel with, which streamlines panel design while avoiding costly mistakes. The free online tool contains cytometer settings for over 150 core facilities, including in Southern California, to easily locate appropriate products for your exact cytometer. Join us to learn about fluorochrome selection, brightness, equivalent colors, spillover, publishing panels and more. Additional features include antigen density selection and one-click availability of fluorescent proteins and viability dyes. Simply select a cytometer from your institution, define your targets and then assign available fluorochromes to each marker using our intuitive interface.

Apply the principles of panel design when assigning available fluorochromes by visualizing the cytometer configuration, allowing for visibility of fluorochrome compatibility on YOUR cytometer. Dynamic feedback on spillover and potential interference are also included in that step. Once panels are designed, easily share reagent and titration details within your lab, department or core facility. Stop using paper or excel sheets and start designing complex panels the modern way with

Attend the FluoroFinder tutorial and be eligible to win a $300 Travel Award to cover hotel, registration travel costs etc!!

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