SUMMIT 2023: Program

Monday April 24, Day 1: Unconventional Flow

8:15 – 9:00     Registration / Breakfast

Morning Session

9:00 – 9:15     Opening Remarks, Dequina Nicholas, PhD, UCI, SoCal flow Chair

9:15 – 10:05     Anshu Agrawar, PhD, UCI:
“Age-associated changes in respiratory mucosal innate immune responses”

10:10 – 10:30     Excellence in Cytometry Award Recipient, Shannon Geels, UCI:
“PD-1 immunotherapy limits its efficacy against immunogenic melanoma by indirectly triggering Treg accumulation”

10:30 – 10:50     Excellence in Cytometry Award Recipient, Angel Ayala, UCI:
“Glucocorticoid Pretreatment of Bone Marrow Cells Prior to allogeneic Transplantation in Mice Reduces Graft-Versus Host Disease”

10:50 – 11:20     Coffee Break, Vendors and Poster viewing

11:25 – 12:30     WORKSHOPS

  • Cytek: Aric Bitton, Technical Applications Specialist
    “Debunking Antibody Titration Myths”
    Room: Balboa
  • Sony: Jerry Barnhart, Manager, Field Applications
    “A guide to build successful panels on the SONY ID7000 Spectral Analyzer”
    Room: Newport
  • Slingshot Bio: Jack Panopoulos, Ph.D., Director, Application Science:
    “Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Addressing Spectral Unmixing and Compensation Errors in Flow Data”
    Room: Executive Dining Room
  • Scientific Communication: Andrea Loewendorf, CEO ImmunoVation“So what’s YOUR story: How to present a scientific talk that people will remember”
    Room: Auditorium

12:30 – 1:30     Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:30 – 1:45     Rafael Gomez-Amaro, PhD, BD Bioscience Product Talk:
“The Future of Discovery: BD CellView™ Image Technology”

1:50 – 2:40     Francisco Martinez-Hernandez, PhD, CalTech
“Small, smaller the smallest: The use of flow cytometer in the “nanoworld”

2:45 – 3:00     Jerry Barnhart, Sony Product Talk
T“Using the ID7000™Autofluorescence Finder To Improve Data Quality”

3:05 – 3:20     Kenta Yamamoto, PhD, Biolegend Product Talk “Back to Basics: Antibody Development, Characterization, and Validation at BioLegend”

3:20 – 3:50     Coffee Break, Vendors and Poster viewing

3:55 – 4:10     Business Meeting

4:15 – 5:05     KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Timothy O’Sullivan, PhD, UCLA “Everything Everywhere All at Once”

5:05 – 6:30     Happy Hour Sponsored by Bio-Rad/Poster Session/Adjourn

Tuesday April 25, Day 2: Translational Flow

8:30 – 9:00     Registration / Breakfast

Morning Session

9:00 – 9:05     Introduction Day 2

9:05 – 9:55     Lisa Wagar, PhD, UCI:
“Predicting immunogenicity using human tonsil organoids”

10:00 – 10:20     Excellence in Cytometry Award Recipient, Naveena Ujagar, UCI:
“Phlow:A spectral flow cytometry approach for enumerating nanoscopic bacteriophage particles”

10:25 – 10:40     Joe Ostrand, PhD, Miltenyi Bioscience Product Talk:
“Tales from the Clinic: A glimpse at translational cytometry from a CGT company”

10:40 – 11:10     Coffee Break, Vendors and Poster viewing

11:15 – 11:30     Thermo Fisher Product Talk “Leveraging novel fluorophore technologies to interrogate critical cell and gene therapy questions in high dimensional immune profiling”

11:35 – 11:55     Excellence in Cytometry Award Recipient, Anna Nikolenko, Biolegend:
“Flow-based Applications for Deep Characterization of Viral-and Self-Peptide Induced Cellular Immune Responses”

12:00 – 12:25     Zach Wagoner, Grad Student, UCI, sponsored by Cytek, Scientific Talk: “Building a predictive model of vaccine efficacy using human tonsil organoids”

12:25 – 1:25     Lunch

Afternoon Session

1:30 – 2:20     Lior Goldberg, M.D., City of Hope National Cancer Center:
“Dissecting CAR T cell spatiotemporal biology using Mass Cytometry”

2:20 – 2:50     Coffee Break with Vendor Time

2:55 – 3:55     WORKSHOPS

  • Beckman Coulter: Alina Lelic, Ph.D., Market Development Manager for Flow Cytometry, Beckman Coulter LS,
    “FLOWing from research to assay development”
    Room: Balboa
  • Partillion: Jesse Liang, Ph.D., Product Strategy and Development Lead,
    “Uncover Novel Insights into Cell Secretions Through Next-Generation Functional Flow Cytometry Using Nanovial Technology”
    Room: Newport
  • Bio-Rad: Nicole Rubin, PhD, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Genomics Field Applications Scientist,
    “The Power of Partitioning: Precise Confirmation from Rare Target Discovery to Clinical Answers with Absolute DNA Quantification”
    Room: Executive Dining Room
  • Flow Core Managers Roundtable
    Room: Auditorium

3:55 – 4:10     Drawings and Closing remarks